Tuesday , 9 August 2022

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christmas menu

christmas menu salad mix of green salad of fresh vegetables with baked cheese cedar nuts, slice bacon breasts of chicken fillet warm appetizer selected Rhodope plateau of cabbage, cabbage, rice and eggs main dish ruladini turkey fillet with baby spinach and ricotta on a bed of sauteed vegetables or pork garnished with sauteed vegetables and deminglass sauce dessert caramelized pumpkin ... Read More »

New Year 2021/2022g in Panorama Pamporovo-Studenec

Spend unforgettable New Year in a restaurant PANORAMA – Pamporovo – STUDENETS SALAD • mix green salad, arugula, keel, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, avocado, cryps bacon, sprinkled with sautéed cedar nuts decorated with parmesan slice. COLD STARTER • selected plateau appetizers ,decorated with salmon, cucumber and melted bite MAIN COURSE • roasted pork roast with exotic filling with grilled vegetables sauce ... Read More »